Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back to the 80's

Lately we have been so busy I haven't had time to get on the Internet and even check my email let alone blog. A few months back JWC had an Open house, it was fantastic and themed towards the 80's. Then days ago JWC had a 80's icon party, it was a blast! For those of you who don't know what JWC is look at the link from our local JWC @, it is fantastic. So back to what the whole point of this blog is.... The 80's. You have to understand my husband and I were only born in 1983, so we were looking around at this 80's icon party feeling lost, a little, by who everyone was suppose to be. There were a few characters that I did remember like Kiss, Pee Wee Herman, Ghost busters and things of the cartoon nature. Which brings me to who we decided to go as..... Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers. Now you do have to realize I would have much rather been Princess Peach/Toadstool, which was a story within its self. I ran up to a Halloween shop and asked, the day of the party, if they had the costume of Princess Peach... The man just stared at me, I said again louder, " Princess Peach, as in Super Mario Brothers.... the man busy with customers yells out I thought that was Princess Toadstool I said yea, yea whatever her name is. Well the funny thing is the history on her name is still a mystery to me because it seems she was named one thing in the 80's and a different thing in the 90's newer version depending on what console you had. Needless to say the one costume they had for her was a hideous rendition of Princess Whomever and a Very Conservative nun.... so at last

our costume. It was made from Overalls, yes that we do own, very inexpensive white gloves and M and L hat from the costume shop. Yellow paper circles cut from scrap booking paper and double sided tape. If you ever attempt this on your own, use felt and sew or glue(hot glue) it onto the silver buttons on your overalls, because at the end of the night we had no buttons.... but really cute mustaches( use eyeliner, not any color but black we tried :)
Hope you to can put a little Spice of 80's back into your life.


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