Monday, November 7, 2011

PhotoShop, with this anyone can be a photographer....

So I like every mom, or shall I say new mom takes a million photos of their adorable babies, it seems like one a day or close to it. So my husband always asks what are we going to do with all these photos, besides let them sit in our computer?? I have and always have done scrap-booking so the most adorable and most memorable will be captured hopefully via my camera or iphone and soon or one day shortly be put into a scrapbook. Madison has hers completely done from birth to age one which I had done not too long after she turned one, however seeing in about four months she will be four, please don't ask where the two,and three year old scrapbook is because it is not done nor will it ever be. I have concluded to allow myself to detail every important little milestone in the first year and the 2 to 5 year old/before kindergarten can all be rolled into one scrapbook to be started at a later date. Although now that I have Tanner, I have once again started scrap-booking, which is what I should be doing at this very moment instead of blogging. The real question is what do we do with the thousands of other great or kinda great photos that we have lurking around taking up space on our computer....

Photoshop?? Well there's an idea I thought today, what about Photoshoping the great ones and then categorizing the not so great ones into folders on the desktop and soon backing them up to an external hardrive.... however I don't know the first thing about Photoshop besides I have recently downloaded a trial version, which might I add needs an instruction manual. Since there is no true instruction manual with a free version I have since looked up a million sites, pinterest boards and more on help on Photoshop. One of my all time favorite websites, given to me by a friend is, if you have not heard of it you must go now!! But this is an amazing website with lots of awesome advice, recipes, and much more and here is an example of the amazing things she gives you for free.

As you can see these Photoshopping techniques, does nothing at all to the actual subject in the picture, no facial update or teeth enhancing and look at the huge difference it makes to a picture. No wonder all these people are becoming photographers now a days, it has little to do with their actual photo shooting ability but a lot to do with their talent and knowledge of Photoshop!!

So I too am jumping in and hopefully be the owner of Photoshop soon and allow you to see with your own two little eyes what the magic of simple light adjustment or fading can do to a smug little photo of a child!!( here is an example of a different before and after with a free similar photo editting program online)

So have fun and edit is too short to not be your own professional photographer!!


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