Thursday, March 17, 2011

A lot of crafting, so far in 2011!!

Well I know I thought I would be better at this writting thing however no such luck. Since I figured today is St. Patty's day I figured I would get on the ball again and get luckier by starting to write again. I know I don't have much followers but figured maybe if I wrote more I would get some so here goes. A few tips from the Alexander household to yours!!!

If you are in need of a ribbon holder, I have found a suit pants hanger works wonders.

** Pic. on left traditional ribbon holder about $30, the pink set of three found at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $17.** Note-- The pink dress hangers do not have an opening and a closing like the ones I have used, you must buy the ones that the individual racks open and close, if not the ribbons will not go into the rack :)

We had a few extra's because we recently have redone our master bath and my husband no longer wanted them. I was cleaning out the craft closet and I found them and thought AHHHAAA!! I have a brilliant idea, a new ribbon holder. My sister liked it so much she thought I should buy some for my mom and friends and put ribbons on them so they got the idea... this will probably be a popular christmas present in 2011!! So for three girlfriends you could get these in pink and spend about $6 on a cheap and cute present that they will love!!

The other thing I have been crafting is hair clips. Not your traditional hair clips but flower clips. I recently went to HobbyLobby and bought on 1/2 price deal a bunch of beautiful flowers to match my best friends colors in her wedding. We also bought a bunch of fake crystals/rhinestones, hot glue, some feathers and clips. We spent about an hour from start to finish on our FANTASTIC clips that will be worn in our hair for the wedding reception. I think they are great and thought I would share them with you :)

-- These clips are from a lady on Etsy, three for $12 however our creation much prettier!!--

This is a very inexpensive, however looks expensive gift. I bought one at a craft show and thought wow this is six bucks worth, I can do this!! Sure enough here they are.

I have been up to alot more crafting however this is all for now, we are off to a St. Patty's Day playdate. I should be back on later for more updates!!


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