Saturday, September 11, 2010


Well here I am addicted to reading other blogs and now finally after a few years, I am starting my own. I don't exactly know what I will be blogging about, I guess life and amazing events that will come and go.

Right now I am really anticipating Lindsay and Jeremy's BIG day. I have been given the pure Honor to be the Matron of Honor and I feel so special. I find myself searching for everything "teal and yellow" online late and night and reading other's blogs to get inspiration. I live a million miles away yet, feel as though I am right beside her looking at bridal Magazines.

I have found tons of pics and have tons of ideas, all of which I love to find, even if she hates them it is the fun in looking. The one below is one of my Favs!!

Her dad has an amazing hobby of redoing, I mean completly redoing cars and has an amazing one, so this one would be Fantastic!

The next thing on my plate is I am trying to figure out ideas for Christmas Cards, I know months away right however it is really only 3 MONTHS away, and if we don't have it all figured out soon we won't get it done. I have decided to go with green this year, I mean we are going to be taking photos, around the canoe which is green so I am having a hard time figuring out what exactly to do. We have a great guy friend who takes our pics for us, he did a fantastic job last year... but green on green I don't know?? I need suggestions.

Oh my speaking of Christmas.... My daughter is obsessed with Pinkalicious, and I am debating about having a Pinkalicious party. If you hear of any amazing ideas please let me know. Her 3rd Birthday is also sneaking up on me and I am pretty much stuck on this one.

I found some amazing ideas however the only one I know I will be going with is a Princess Pinkalicious themed Party. I have a good friend that is amazing at themes however she only has boys, but if ya have any suggestions again throw them my way!!

I hope you enjoy all the blogging to come and this new blog I have created. I encourage you to start one of your own and let others know what is going on in your life :)


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