Thursday, July 19, 2012

Undescribable love

So today I was laughing, holding, kissing and squeezing my precious baby boy and realized love is something completely undeniable, unforgettable, beyond words indescribable. It is different holding a child than holding your husbands hand, this is someone God created in your womb, he knew him before you could even fathom being pregnant. Wow,what an amazing creation. I sit here writing this blog and feel like it was just yesterday when I found out I was pregnant, and just moments ago I had to ask " what is it, a boy or a girl" when I finally got to see my little boy!!
Here we are meeting the family!! I know that some of you reading this may be like, well I don't have children so I don't get it?? I mean I know how to love and I know what it feels like to love, but no puppy love is not the same, kitty love, niece/nephew love is not the same... I know some of you may have adopted and married into a family and yes I feel this is may be the same type of love, however I have never had this experience. The type of experiences I have had are the type when people tell you your child is precious or he is so adorable, your heart lights up and your face grins from ear to ear, you have so much pride it is pouring out over you. I know now that look, that grin, that same expression when they pan the camera to the parents of the Olympians, the love and pride from the side lines cheering on their young/well not so young children...that facial expression, even though I only have a four and a one year old now, I know is the same look that I have almost every single day when I look at my precious children....
( See the grin I was explaining about!! What is she doing here eating a brush, and look at that silly grin, I am telling you undeniable love!! So back to the Olympians,lets face it without parents unconditional, never stopping, everlasting love they probably wouldn't have gotten even to the preliminary trials, let along be on those stands receiving their gold, silver or bronze in a few short weeks. So here is to us moms, who bend backwards, can wipe up barf, pick up poop, shower with children, buy more expensive clothing and dress our children cutier than ourselves,
get up at five am to fit in a work out so we don't wake the kids, pick up clothes, shoes and toys till we feel like our hands will fall of, hers to us to show our children the real way to love, the full hearted, open mouthed, ear to ear grin kind of love, just like our Heavenly Father above I know looks at us every day even when the screams burst out everyone once and a while. And please hold those babies tight, because they grow up way, way to fast and soon they will hate the "mommy wants kisses" and the five books before bed, will all to soon be the yucks and the "I'm good I have my ipod".... so cherish each and every second of the picking up toys, the cleaning out ears and the brushing teeth moments!!


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