Monday, November 7, 2011

Cake Balls to cake pops

Recently someone asked why if I blog that I don't actually really blog, they said you only have a few things on your site... then it made me realize that I do mostly get on and read others so since today is a blah day and the kids aren't feeling up to 100% I am actually getting to write instead of read.

Cake Balls are actually different than cake pops, who knew? I didn't until recently when a friend showed me the difference. You are thinking to yourself they are exactly the same except you stick a stick in one and not the other... you are correct although there is a trick to the madness that I did not know when trying to design these almost a year ago today :)

These cake pops were made with fondant over un-chocolated cake balls which were then cut down, reshaped and then designed ( not my idea of fun and will never be done again, however I think they were pretty cute for my first time, as you can see mr potato head is missing a shoe!! :)

See if I knew what I knew now then, these probably would have looked even cutter!! I helped my friend out by decorating these with her and not actually creating the cake balls myself which was my first mistake. If you are going to make cake pops, make the cake balls yourself because you need to add a little hot melting chocolate to the stick and then place the balls around then put into the fridge, thus the sticks will not fly through the cake balls, as we had problems with. Or you can make the cake balls first then stick the sticks through them and refreeze/re-cool however you are just adding more work for yourself.

The second difference between cake balls and cake pops is that cake balls need to be much, much bigger than what you will need for cake pops. I am sure you all know exactly how to make cake balls however remember there is a difference :)

Happy baking and one of my all time favorite websites for cake pops/ cake balls is


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