Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's a Boy!!

So we have been anticipating a new little one for months now, and he blessed us with his presence on July 8th, I know I am a bit behind on blogging as you can see. We didn't know the sex of our child however my parents and sister did know, and let me tell you they hide it quiet well. I am very excited to have one and one however my husband I fear is still in shock with now having to teach his son boy things such as peeing standing up, not burping at the dinner table and not goggling over some girl in front of mom.... you know the parenting things you have to do once you have a boy.... I was all game for having another girl but lets face it this way we have one each that we are in control of teaching the later life lessons, and I am so glad to now be splitting the responsibilities.

Baby Tanner... born July 8th, 7:25am, 6lbs 13oz 19.9inches

Hubby and I right after Tanner was born
I am now going to get to stay home and raise this new little blessing and am more than extactic about it. I have things planned out for fun and adventure come fall, if it ever becomes fall, it is so HOT!! Madison is a great big sister although has said many hilarious things in the past few weeks that I soon will be adding to my blogging.... I hope to update you all more often and add to my interesting life stories and journeys along with reading about other fellow bloggers... so long for now and hope to be back soon with funny and entertaining joyous things :)


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