Saturday, September 18, 2010


So on recent discovery or conversations with one of my best friends Leslie I have found that her son, Daniel, would love a Toy Story Birthday. He will be turning three pretty soon. I have been searching for fall decorations and came upon an awesome site,, which low and behold has cakeballs designed in the shape of Toys Story's latest and greatest characters. Not only do they have amazing pics and lots of random decorated call balls, but INSTRUCTIONS!!

I found the pic amusing. I am now in heaven. Then searching more of this amazing site I found that they not only have what she and I will spend many hours slaving away in the kitchen for his birthday but I also found the most adorable mini cupcakes for Madison's birthday..... Her PINKALICIOUS party. THEY TOO HAVE instructions!!

I really don't know what I would do with out the internet, I guess have a thousand books and have to READ...ugh.

I really feel when and if I get to stay home again I have found my calling. I am really good at baking and creating, and so why not put them together? I would of course do this mostly for fun not for main income. I just love coming up with new creative pieces of decor to go onto or become the baking good. I have only really made two fondant pieces over the past two years,
but let me tell you it is amazing how easy and how fun it is to
design and create magical pieces of art work to go ontop of cupcakes and cakes. This year I hope to at least create the two shown above. I know I will be a frequent looker and reader of BAKERELLA!!


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