Friday, November 4, 2011

ER.... pain no gain, well not until the bitter end!

I woke up Sunday morning not feeling well and called friends to see if they thought it could be a cyst or kidneys or what not. Then like every mom you start wondering if you are just making it a bigger deal than it really is... well it was a bigger deal. I pained through Sunday thinking it was bad gas or stomach problems, did everything known to man to try to fix it. I then mistakenly took Madison and Tanner out to try to go to the grocery store and Walgreen's to get Halloween Candy and groceries... well lets just put it this way we got the candy and never made it to the store. I than started figuring out I better call my doctor, and yes we have been here in this house for a long time however still no regular doctor which I will soon be finding one after this ordeal. Once it was all said and done and I realized I needed to go to the ER, well it was down hill from there. I called my fantastic mother in law and then called my non answering husband, however as we all know, moms are super hero's we are not really allowed to be sick especially with a child that is breast feeding!! So once we were off and the kids were taken care of we go to Care Now which was fantastic and sent me on to the ER which I was trying to avoid all in all I had nothing packed, especially not a pump or a hungry child and thus the pain now elsewhere in my body was also starting to hurt. All I can say is I had one devoted nurse, male nurse,might I add that came to my rescue finally at 1am in the morning. I will say to you as advice mothers who are nursing, ever think you are going to the ER or hospital or doctor late in the evening pack a PUMP and some bottles oh yeah and some clothes. After it was all said and done I had an appendectomy and stayed for two days which should and could have been longer however I had my best friends bachelorette weekend to get to which I was not going to let a little surgery let me miss!!

All said and done Women are super hero's with super milk making, tear drying, huggable lovable powers that not even grandma's have!!


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